1. it8bit:

    Russian Gaming Propaganda Posters  - by Negroud

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  2. pwnlove:

    She’s the one.

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  3. sogeekchic:

    Illustrator Robin Kaplan’s work is adorable, and lucky for fans of anything from steampunk to video games to comics, it’s often incredibly geeky! Above is her “Lady Vader” and you can buy a print, here.

    But it doesn’t stop at geeky fashion inspired work, she has pieces for X-men, Batman, Katamari Damacy, Star Wars, Final Fantasy and many more series. Seriously, check out more of her work at her website, or visit her etsy store to buy prints, like these: 

  4. pwnlove:

    They were cool before Hyrule became mainstream.

    The Legend of the Hipsters by Dan Jones

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