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    Koopa Shell Backpack 

    A.K.A the coolest backpack ever. 

    Available on Amazon

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    GLaDOS inspired hair flower sold by LittleAsianSweatshop on etsy. Find this and more hair accessories at the store. Submitted by Paigey.

  6. pwnlove:

    Probably shouldn’t wear while playing Left 4 Dead. If you do, you’re just asking for it when the zombocalypse comes.

    Braaaaains Beanie from Split ReasonGet 10% off your order by using the code FIREBALL

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    Parents: Please stop dressing your babies up like ewoks. You are killing me.

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    Chell from Portal 2 submitted by Zooey.

    Zooey put together the costume herself with the exception of the gun, which she had some help on. A very geeky Halloween costume for a great game!

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    Pixar Lamp Halloween costume…

    I imagine it would get tiring to move around in this costume after a while.

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    Illustrator Robin Kaplan’s work is adorable, and lucky for fans of anything from steampunk to video games to comics, it’s often incredibly geeky! Above is her “Lady Vader” and you can buy a print, here.

    But it doesn’t stop at geeky fashion inspired work, she has pieces for X-men, Batman, Katamari Damacy, Star Wars, Final Fantasy and many more series. Seriously, check out more of her work at her website, or visit her etsy store to buy prints, like these: 

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