2. harperhug:

    #this looks like a still from an 80’s movie

    You have no idea how long I had to look before I realized this was Emma Watson and Matthew Lewis.

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    Licia Ronzulli, member of the European Parliament, has been taking her daughter Vittoria to the Parliament sessions for two years now.

    Every time this is on my dash, it’s an automatic reblog.

    Life. There’s always a way to make it work.

    This woman runs PARLIAMENT with a baby in her lap and she’s CLEARLY doing an outstanding job because she’s still there being a total boss two years later, baby still in her lap.

    "A baby will destroy your career-"


    Are you sure?

    Because I’m pretty sure that Licia Ronzulli would laugh at that declaration.

    This is so awesome and makes me happy!!! but why is the baby suddenly blonde in the last photo??


    Always reblog.

  4. gentlementools:

    1963 VESPA GT 125

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  5. Nieuw paspoort is nieuwe pasfoto. Zo zie ik er dus de komende 5 jaar uit…


  6. Schott Perfecto 618

    Hoe ik mijn must-have leren jas (een Schott Perfecto) bij de Episode vintage store in Utrecht vond

    Ik zal vast een stukje mannelijkheid moeten inleveren als ik dit beken, maar who cares: ik heb een kleding bucketlist. Best een grote, zelfs. Gevuld met bepaalde objecten die zo iconisch zijn dat ik ze simpelweg ooit moet hebben. Sommige zijn makkelijk te krijgen omdat ze én goedkoop zijn én nog steeds geproduceerd worden. Denk aan de donkerblauwe Vans Authentics, die de Z-boys droegen, of de…

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  7. Boomcase verder aanpassen (bluetooth inbouwen). Wordt nu wel echt spaghetti.

  8. Blijft bizar dat m’n pa dit fleece jack heeft. Zijn er maar 650 van, after all…

  9. Nog steeds m’n favoriete dagelijkse klokje…

  10. Maler pre- en post- schoonmaak

  11. makingmotion:

    The desk of a hair modelmaker on Coraline.

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  12. En het setje is compleet!

  13. Nu al een uit de hand gelopen hobby.

  14. signmypublickey:

    Because I am part of a historical showteam (www.langenort.nl), I make a lot of costumes and related items that are as historically accurate as possible. But sometimes you need something that you cannot make yourself if your life depended on it, so you buy it. For our upcoming show set in the Old West, we, my boyfriend and me, both needed a windable pocketwatch. Now, I know next to nothing about watches, especially windable ones, but luckily I know somebody who does.

    With the help of styleoversubstance we managed to find three lovely watches.

    Two Remontoirs, one 10 rubis and one 6 rubis, silver bodied and gold plated, dating somewhere between 1910 and 1920. Both Remontoirs are in excellent condition and running right on time. The larger Remontoir, the 10 rubis one, has a hand for seconds that kept coming loose, so until we can have it fixed, we removed it for safekeeping.

    The third watch is a 4 rubis, key windable, silver bodied watch from around 1880, but the manufacturer is unknown to me. It is in a very good state, only the watchplate has been slightly damaged, as you can see in the picture.

    All in all a very nice addition to for our upcoming show :)

  15. "Als ik buiten kruiden neerzet hoef ik ze geen water te geven" - hypothese: failed.