1. Maler pre- en post- schoonmaak

  2. makingmotion:

    The desk of a hair modelmaker on Coraline.

    (via nerdygirllove)

  3. En het setje is compleet!

  4. Nu al een uit de hand gelopen hobby.

  5. signmypublickey:

    Because I am part of a historical showteam (www.langenort.nl), I make a lot of costumes and related items that are as historically accurate as possible. But sometimes you need something that you cannot make yourself if your life depended on it, so you buy it. For our upcoming show set in the Old West, we, my boyfriend and me, both needed a windable pocketwatch. Now, I know next to nothing about watches, especially windable ones, but luckily I know somebody who does.

    With the help of styleoversubstance we managed to find three lovely watches.

    Two Remontoirs, one 10 rubis and one 6 rubis, silver bodied and gold plated, dating somewhere between 1910 and 1920. Both Remontoirs are in excellent condition and running right on time. The larger Remontoir, the 10 rubis one, has a hand for seconds that kept coming loose, so until we can have it fixed, we removed it for safekeeping.

    The third watch is a 4 rubis, key windable, silver bodied watch from around 1880, but the manufacturer is unknown to me. It is in a very good state, only the watchplate has been slightly damaged, as you can see in the picture.

    All in all a very nice addition to for our upcoming show :)

  6. "Als ik buiten kruiden neerzet hoef ik ze geen water te geven" - hypothese: failed.

  7. Ieuw. Ieuw ieuw ieuw. Brewgroup in de Gaggia vervangen.

  8. Well, shit. Dat was niet de bedoeling.

  9. Weer eens wat nieuws om pretentieus over te doen 😁

  11. supremeny:

    Supreme/Schott - Perfecto Jacket

  13. Beste fles tequila ooit.

  14. Als laatste binnen dus vanaf de 1ste rij de wedstrijd kijken 😅

  15. Nieuwste vintage find: een Schott Perfecto 618. Zoals de Ramones droegen!